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Nothing like a t-shirt dress, a little chambray, the perfect navy blazer and classic chucks to get you through day full day of sigh seeing. While many of the items I packed were great contenders for the MVP award, I’d have to say my trusty chambray won hands down. Seriously, it was incorporated into almost all of my SF looks! Chambray everyday for the win;)

On this particular day on our trip to San Francisco we did a ton of sight seeing. One of the stops in our adventures for the day was the Ms. Doubtfire house. Both the boy and I absolutely love the movie so it was a no brainer to stop and snap some pics. Tragically the next day news broke out that the comedic genius behind the movie and many more, Robin Williams, had passed. It’s so sad to know that someone you grew up watching and admiring is no longer here. I’m happy I was able to capture a tiny bit of my childhood and will keep the memory of the visit on those steps with me.

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Get the Look:

T-Shirt Dress - Old Navy [similar] | Chambray - Old Navy [similar] | Blazer - H&M [similar] | Sneakers - Converse [exact] | Necklace - Eve’s Addiction (c/o)

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No More Tangles

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*Disclosure: This is a compensated campaign in collaboration with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® and Latina Bloggers Connect. As always, all opinions are my own. I only work with companies/brands I truly support and love.

After weeks of having Remy at home with grandma it was about time for her to go back to daycare for the remainder of our time here in Arizona. Getting back into the swing of things has been tough, especially when there’s so much going on (packing, packing and more packing) but there are some steps I’ve taken to make things a little more manageable at Casa de Mason. As a way to making things easier for me I’ve put into motion a little ritual for Remy’s bath time.Having a toddler completely mobile and getting into everything is the true struggle, my friends, particularly when her hair is in major need of a trim but with JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® products Remy’s hair is nourished, beautiful and super easy for those busy evenings.

We’ve been using JOHNSON’S® Baby products from day one because it was exclusively created as a pure, mild and gentle product for children, a song to a mothers ears I tell ya! So when Remy’s hair started to get a little on the crazy side I knew I could count on JOHNSON’S® Baby products to help me tame, but most importantly maintain, those curls. JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® not only leaves Remy’s hair smelling fantastic, but it also detangles her hair easily and without any fuss.

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JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® three step hair care regimen: (1) Use the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES 2-1 Shampoo for curly or thin hair (2) When brushing the hair, use the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES leave in conditioner. (3) Spray the JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES detangler to stubborn tangles and style hair as desired.

Today I thought it would be fun to share some of the simple and classic hairstyles I do for Miss Remy in hopes that maybe I can help you get the creative juices flowing for you and your little one!

 photo IMG_7619-1_zps9ef5f115.jpg

 photo IMG_7625-1_zpsbc18298b.jpg

 photo IMG_7626-1_zps9539aef7.jpg

Do you want to send your tiny tot back to school looking their best? With JOHNSON’S® NO MORE TANGLES® Shampoo, Leave-in-Conditioner, and Detangling Spray, you can be sure that your child’s healthy, tangle-free hair will make a statement. In fact, you might just have to gram it to show it off! Take a picture of your tiny human’s back-to-school hair style and share it via Instagram using the hashtags #NoMoreTangles and #Sweepstakes. One lucky winner will win $5,000! Check out contest details here!


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All White Everything

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A crisp white outfit is an iconic summer uniform. While I didn’t get to sport the seasonal staple earlier this summer I decided to give the look a whirl while on vacation. First off, let me say that that might have been a dangerous decision given the fact that I only allotted myself eight pieces to pack for the trip (read more about it here) so if these got dirty I was s*** out of luck. But their first go around made it through without any incident, which is a major win because I’m prone to accidents. Just ask Remy;)

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Get the Look: 

Peplum - BooHoo [similar] | Skinnies - Target [similar] | Hat - H&M [similar] | Sneakers - Converse [exact] | Necklace - HoH1960 [exact] | Tote - Madewell [super cute affordable similar!]


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What to Pack: San Francisco

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The last time I shared a ‘What to Pack’ post I was able to successfully pack light for a seven day trip with only eight items for winter (this did not include jackets). It resulted in seven comfortable and efficient looks that were able to keep me warm while still representing my style. If you ask me, it was harder than it looked because I had to be prepared to layer like a mad women in case of inclimate weather which I definitely experienced (hello crazy snow storm!). This time around, for my trip to San Francisco with the family, I had a little more wiggle room because I wouldn’t come face to face with a snowpocalypse. I knew layering would be required (San Fan is known to be cooler and windier than most places during the summer time) but I looked at it as a chance to change up even the simplest of outfits with the help of easy ‘toppers’. So without further ado, what I packed for our eight day trip to San Francisco…

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similar skinnies ($24!) | chambray | similar peplum | similar blazer | similar cutoffs | similar romper | sweater tank | tshirt dress | faux leather jacket 

These are the 9 pieces I packed for our eight day trip. This time around I included my ‘cold weather toppers’ into the list of items packed as a fun way to challenge myself to keep my list of items to a minimum. Unlike before, I did not have a separate outfit for travel. I also did not include the dress I wore to the wedding we attended. Please note that some of the pieces shown aren’t exacts but are pretty similar alternatives of what was actually packed for the trip. 

photo sanfran2_zps586c11d7.jpg

booties | converse | boots | similar straw fedora | scarf | similar felt fedora | statement necklace | HoH1960 Necklace 

The Extras:

I relied heavily on these accessories to change the look and composition of each outfit. While I thought the previous ‘What to Pack’ post was effective I also thought the looks were monotonous and a little dull. This time around I wanted to have more fun with each resulting look to make them seem more individual than the last. You will notice that the statement necklace, the straw fedora and the nude booties were not worn - over-packer problems. 

photo packingpost_zps0a275aeb.jpg

All things considered, I would have to say this was yet another successful lesson in packing! I was able to achieve eight equally cute and efficient outfits for days that included tons of sightseeing, family dinners, and fun shopping excursions. For this trip, like the last, I was cognoscente of creating a remixable wardrobe and kept the color pallet fairly neutral. But like I mentioned before, for this trip I had more fun including funky accessories to help each look stand out on its own. I also decided to keep my shoe choice limited so that I could fit Remy’s essentials in my suitcase. 

What do you think? Was I successful? 

Keep an eye out for the outfit posts from this trip  (see the first here!) as well as my guide to what to eat, see, and do in San Francisco! 

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