At the Vineyards

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When you’re not quite ready to pack away the shorts for the season, what better way than to pair them with a light weight sweater for a day at the vineyards! Add brown booties for a little fall kick (pun intended) and the end product is an outfit that doesn’t require sacrifice! 

This past weekend the gang and I (i.e. sorority sisters #gammaphitilIdie) headed south to celebrate the birthday of one of our own (Happy Birthday Brit!). It was so great to be reunited and catch up on life complete with wine, cheese and some killer charcuterie. A Saturday for the record books!

P.S. Please ignore the strange line glare. Camera malfunction, but we’ll work with it;)

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Get the Look:

Old Navy Sweater [similar| F21 Shorts [plaid version perfect for fall!]| Booties - old Target [love these!] | House of Harlow 1960 Necklace [exact] | Thrifted Cross-body bag c/o Savers [similar]


A shout out to my girl Amy for playing photographer! 


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Real Talk: On Parenting (Year One)

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While I reflect on this last year of parenting I can confidently say that I learned a lot within this last year, but I can with even more confidence say that I still have a ton to learn. I expect that in parenting every year will bring new challenges and new learning experiences and I am eager to learn what works for us and what doesn’t.

Becoming Remy’s mother has changed me, the person I am, for the better. Because I now have to care for someone elses well-being I’ve learned to be a little less selfish and a little more empathetic, a little less stand-offish and a little more expressive. I know that I will be kissing a lot more booboo’s along the way, that I’ll be dishing out a lot of ‘because mommy said so’s,’ and that I will not always be the good guy. But I’m okay with all of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In this last year I also realized that while women become mothers almost the instant they become pregnant, men don’t become fathers until months after the baby is born. For those first few months there was not much of a connection between Remy and Kevin. I was her everything – her nourishment, her favored spot for naps, her personal butler (which I was perfectly fine with). Kevin on the hand helped where he could and was such a trooper when she fussed if she wasn’t in my arms, but I could see that his feelings were hurt when she whined for my comfort versus his. However now, months later, those two share this unspeakable bond. He fills a certain portion of her heart that I never will fill - that of her fearless, comforting daddy. She falls asleep in his arms within minutes, lights up and yells ‘dada’ when he comes home, and enjoys watching ESPN with daddy in the loft, both shirtless staring at the screen like zombies. It melts my heart every single time.

So for this next year I just want us to grow as a family, as well as grow individually in our roles as parents. Remy has been such a great blessing to both Kevin and I and has taught us to be better people. Could I guess what this next year has in store for us? I don’t really have a clue but I’m excited and ready for the adventure!


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Pinterest Cool Girls

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This, my fellow fashion obsessed friends, will be my daily uniform for the remainder of the Fall season. I might throw on my faux leather jacket, or a bright cable knit sweater, or even an oversized cardigan, but regardless of the additional topper this black and white combo is a total win in my book for autumn. Something about pairing a boyfriend oxford and high waist skinnies made me feel chic and put together, kinda like those cool girls on Pinterest. I like to pretend I’m that cool. I’m really not. Might I interest you in a sarcastic comment? I’m good at that;)

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Get the Look:

Old Navy Oxford [similar] | Old Navy High Waist Denim [similar] | Sam&Libby Booties via Target [very similar] | Eve’s Addiction Necklace (c/o) | Target Bag


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Fall Beauty Favorites

At the beginning of every season I like to evaluate and reassess my makeup bag for items that might have to be put away (or thrown away - remember always check your makeup shelf life!) for the new shift in weather. I tend to make the necessary replacements and sometimes along the way I also pick up new to me beauty products and gadgets that come highly recommend. Today I thought I’d do the same and share some of the new additions to my cosmetic bag.

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bareMinerals BARESKIN Liquid Foundation - This past summer bareMinerals debuted their first ever liquid foundations advertised as the first of its kind. No silicon, no oils, no parabens, no a lot of the stuff that tends to clog your pours and hurt your skin. A ton of blogger did reviews and convinced me that this stuff was liquid gold so I bought myself a tub along with the perfecting face brush that is sold separately and highly recommended. Truth time: I already have rather oily skin and using the bareMinerals BARESKIN liquid foundation only added additional shine to my face. Not what I wanted at all so I waited it out for cooler temps. Now that I’m not in the desert heat I have to say that my thoughts on the foundation have changed. I love how light weight it is and that that you can play customize coverage. So summer no, fall yes!

Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Kit - So this is actually a product that I have been using for a couple of years now. Keira of A Pretty Penny recommended it and I’ve never looked back. I recently realized that I hadn’t included the kit in any of my beauty posts so it had to make the cut this time around. This season I am dubbing it the Season of the Brows! I have been working on growing mine out and creating a more defined, dramatic, thick brow and this product is helping me look more fierce;)

bareMinerals Bare Radiance - A product that creates natural luminous skin? Sign me up! It’s a great powder to dust on after all of your makeup has been applied to help things set and a great product to apply after filling in brows!

Benefit Cosmetics They’re Real Push-Up Liner - a gel liner pen that lasts, doesn’t smudge, and creates some maaajor drama. So easy to apply and creates an accurate angled line that doesn’t budge. I’m still trying to master the push-up thingy without overdoing it but I would highly recommend this product!

Pixi Spoolie Brush - this brow brush has helped me shape them up before applying the Anastasia Beverly Hills brow powder.

Garnier Skin Renew Anti-Dark Circle Eye Roller - I watched a Jaclyn Hill makeup tutorial on Youtube (do it now!) and she used this to help minimize and hide her dark circles and it worked like magic so I bought it that afternoon. No joke it really works. It works as an illuminator that somehow reflects light. Add a little concealer and your set!

What are some of your favorite beauty products? 


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