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[Event] 2nd Annual Arizona Blogger Conference

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Phoenix Style Collective Founding Fathers

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Blogger friend Kristianne and I

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Blogger friends Brittany & Elle

This past Saturday I attended the second annual Arizona Blogger Conference hosted by the stylish folks of the Phoenix Style Collective. This year’s conference was a more intimate one, held at uber modern Hotel Palomar in Downtown Phoenix. Fashionistas from across the desert mingled while they nibbled and noshed on yummy treats, participated in a Le Mode scavenger hunt, and made funny faces at the Mr. FunBooth photo booth. The night then continued on with the main event, listening to words of wisdom from veteran bloggers and editors like Sara Matlin of, Summer Bellessa of The Girls with Glasses Show, Sarah Hubbell of Emma Magazine, Jessie Arigue of Style & Pepper, and my personal favorite Danielle Hampton of Sometimes Sweet.

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Danielle of Sometimes Sweet and her beau

While I enjoyed all the speakers and thought that they were all very qualified to talk to the future of Arizona bloggers, today I thought I would share with you what I took away from Danielle’s presentation. Her speech on finding your voice was something that really resonated with me, especially in a time where I am extremely unsure of myself and this blog (hashtag pregnantgirlprobs, hashtag sensativesally).

She first began by stating some of the challenges we might face as bloggers on the road to finding our own voice then proceeded to give us advice on how to combat those challenges. First on the docket: comparing yourself to other blogs and/or other bloggers. This is a major issue for me, one that I’m ashamed to admit happens on a weekly basis, but Danielle put it simply by saying that it’s good to play the comparison game but if you want to find your voice you are going to have to leave that and be you! Amen to that, sister.  The second challenge that she brought to our attention during her presentation was to not be a people pleaser. Such an obvious sentiment but one that I don’t think I realize I try to do constantly. Danielle said it best when she said, “If you try to please everyone you’re never going to succeed.” Simply put: you can’t please everyone. Someone is always going to have their opinion and that’s okay. Are you taking notes? Yes? Ok, let’s proceed. This next point is one that really hit close to home for me: not realizing that you have something to share. Because blogging is such a saturated world I always feel like I’m not bringing enough to the table here on Fabulously Average. Why come here when you might find something better out there in the blogosphere? I felt like Danielle was speaking right at me when she said that we all have an individual story to tell. There is value in every single one of my stories, someone out there is listening and isn’t that why y’all keep coming back (Thanks for that by the way!)? She drove it all home when she said, “The more you believe in yourself the more people will see that on your blog.” Truer words have never been spoken. So obvious, yet so foreign to me. I need to quite being a negative Nancy and start believing in this blog and what I bring to it (imagine dramatic fist pump here)!

Sorry for what seems like my gushy love letter to Danielle of Sometimes Sweet but I seriously think I found myself a new blogger crush. She seemed so real and down to Earth, someone I would love to get to know! Her presentation was one I kept mulling over on the ride back home and the reason why I feel rejuvenated to be a better blogger. Let’s just say she has definitely found a new and loyal reader in me.

*all images via Mr.FunBooth because I was a lazy bum and didn’t take many pictures:)


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[Event] Arizona Blogger Conference

I wanted to post something different in the sea of giveaways this week on the blog. Enjoy my recap on the Arizona Blogger Conference that took place this past weekend. _____________________________________________________________________

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On Saturday, April 28th desert dweller bloggers from across the state came together for the first annual Arizona Blogger Conference hosted by the brilliant minds of the Phoenix Style Collective (PSC). Held at the trendy Saguaro Hotel in Scottsdale, Az, the conference was anything but lackluster. Don’t underestimate the talent that the Grand Canyon state has to offer because we are stylish bunch ready to be taken seriously! After the successful launch party held back in January, the Phoenix Style Collective has done it again and this time they spared no expense.

Imagine a Madewell styling station, killer giveaways (Karen Kane, anyone?), a professional posing teach, experts of their field speakers and 90 women dressed to the nines (and a couple handsome men, complete with bow ties and suspenders) and you’ve got the Arizona Blogger Conference! The Saguaro Hotel was the perfect venue for a conference full of creative minds. The vibrant splashes of pinks and oranges across the walls, the festive Mexican paper mache skulls (I die!) and the hipster atmosphere was the ideal backdrop for loca lbloggers and their chic ensembles.

I met a bevy of amazing women- from lifestyle to fashion bloggers, to foodies; the conference served up a talented batch of attendees. And don’t even get me started with wonderful speakers that the panel was comprised of! We got to hear from hilarious and witty Sarah Rhodes of Arrow + Apple Photography, the gorgeous beauty behind Running on Happiness, Katie Leavitt, and super sweet Chelsea Brown of the life and personal style blog Tea Talk, to name a few. I had the pleasure of finally meeting AZ bloggers which I adore, Katie and Ashley, not to mention have actual conversations with them and talks of possible meet ups in the future (ekk!).

                                                            Me, Katie and Sarah

All in all, the first annual Arizona Blogger Conference was yet another successful event brought to us by the Phoenix Style Collective. It was a very informative and fun conference, mainly focusing on local unity within the Phoenix community. I have high hopes for future PSC events and hope they occur more frequently.

Have you attended a blogger conference in your state recently? Dish!


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I was originally going to wear this outfit to the Arizona Blogger Conference that’s taking place this coming Saturday but obviously decided against it. I wanted to go with my trusty python printed pants (alliteration anyone?) because they add a little pep to my step, or swaggy as the Biebs likes to whisper to us. I always seem to have just a little more confidence and a little more swag when I wear them. And if you were wondering, yes I have used swaggy in casual conversation before.

Speaking of the Az Blogger Conference, I am super excited and can’t wait to attend! The (first and hopefully annual) conference is brought to us local bloggers by the Phoenix Style Collective. Remember the PSC launch party I attended a couple months back? Well they are bringing yet another amazing event our way and are even providing swag bags, not to mention the awesome speakers and opportunity to meet more local bloggers!! Ok, I think I’ve expressed enough excitement. But don’t worry, I’ll report back with the details next week;)

Happy Wednesday my loves and welcome all the new Tumblr friends!

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