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Confidence and a Review

I really don’t want to write an offensive, negative post regarding the questionable fashion sense that is the Arizona fashion scene but I need to get this off my chest. And what is this blog if not a platform for me to express myself to you, my friends. To AZ fashion/personal style bloggers- if you find anything in this post offensive please prove me wrong. I might be mingling with the wrong circles (no circles really) and would love to see what my new place of residence has to offer.

With that being said, on Thursday night I attended the Blue Bird Denim trunk show in hopes of meeting new people who love fashion as much as I do and get a feel of my new city. Blue Bird Denim was the winner of the 2011 Phoenix Fashion Week emerging designer award so I was excited to see all the pops of color and the innovative concepts that won them that honor. No joke, I was there for a mere 10 minutes before I left. Other than the delicious pizza rolls and a beautiful statement necklace that wasn’t even part of the trunk show display, it was a total disappointment.

Mind you, I think I set my expectations too high. Coming from the East Coast, DC Metropolitan area to be exact,  my idea of fashion is different than the South Western state I now reside in. I frequently get strange looks for wearing something as simple as boots with shorts- and that’s not even pushing the envelope!?!

Now I am no authority on fashion but I would never characterize myself as boring, or for that matter fashion forward. I like to experiment with my style; try different trends and come to a conclusion of what works for me and what doesn’t. Jeans with rhinestones? Doesn’t work for me and never has. Those glittery Miu Miu booties everyone’s raving about, sorry not my style. I generally know what I like and will always stay true to that, whether on the West Coast, the East Coast or the Mid West. 

For my first Arizona fashion event I was sadly let down but that won’t stop me from attending future events. I can’t let one bad show ruin it for the rest of them. I want to be proven wrong and I have to give Arizona a chance to impress me, or at least a chance to make friends!

                          **These pictures were taken right before I left for the event.

Wearing [Button-Up] Converse via Target, [Vest] Old Navy, [Skirt] Target,  [Boots] Nordstrom, [Bag] Steve Madden, [Necklace] Forever21

For a another review on the Blue Bird Denim trunk show click here. Angela is a former New Yorker who has recently relocated to AZ. Found her through Twitter and think she’s pretty awesome already!

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