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Friday’s Fab Five


A holiday weekend is upon us and I couldn’t be more ready for some sun-shiny rays, an extra day home with Chan-man and the Phoeb’s  (the puppies children), and an epic blockbuster movie weekend! Who’s with me?!? I hope everyone enjoys the long 3-day weekend! Here are some of my favorite links from across the web to see you off!

  • Jessica of My Style Vita has done it again with her Blogger Q&A series. This time around she tackle’s media kits and provides some super helpful tips on putting one together. I absolutely love when bloggers help out other bloggers, as it should be!
  • This post from Danielle of Sometimes Sweet is so thought provoking, especially for all blogger mom’s out there. I plan on sharing Baby Girl Mason’s life here on the blog the same way Danielle has done so for her little champ.
  • As a reminder that Google Reader is leaving us, I would love for you to continue to follow along via FabAve’s other social media outlets and platforms!  You can stay up to date via Bloglovin’, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (joannealma)! FabAve is also on Pinterest!
  • A pregnant Delmy of Fashion Banana’s in overalls. IN LOVE!
  • Last but not least, I need some suggestions on some lifestyle blogs. I’ve become obsessed and find myself slowly walking away from blogs that are strictly fashion based (except for my favorite few and by few I mean like 20, ha!) and would love some insights on lifestyle blogs that you follow. Please leave your recommendations in the comments below:)


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Friday’s Fab Five


It’s been far too long since my last Friday’s Fab Five post, has it not? So today I bring you a bundle of links for your weekend enjoyment! Happy Friday, my love’s!

  • Jentine of My Edit blog wears her mom’s homemade vintage frock made by her grandmother. The way she styled it was genius, not to mention the cute story behind it all. Check it out here!
  • Stay up to day on all that inspires me! Whether its home décor, fashion, or foods that make me drool, you can get a look at my inspirations by following a long on Pinterest here.
  • Would love to hit 300 likes on FabAve’s Facebook page but I need your help. Spread the word and like here!!
  • Keira of A Pretty Penny celebrates 4 years of blogging! Such a great milestone, no? Go congratulate her and fall in love with her girl next door personality and style.
  • Jessica of My Style Vita shares the top 5 things every bloggers should have. It’s a total must read!


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Friday’s Fab Five

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Have a fabulous weekend, my loves. And welcome new Tumblr followers! Happy to have you. Feel free to roam around and get familiar with the blog;)


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Friday’s Fab Five

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Happy February my dear, but certainly not forgotten, friends! I feel like such a jerk for my January absence. It seems watching Gilmore Girls was more of a priority than blogging. Sad fact I know, but I am eager to get back into the swing of things! There are so many ideas swirling around this brain of mine that just need to be executed, properly of course. Anywho, I do hope you enjoy this beautiful February day and have a fantastic weekend. Here are some links from around the interweb to send you off. See you next week!

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