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FabAve Special

Happy Tuesday my lovelies!  I hope you were able to catch my recap on the PHXFW Shop Garment District event I attended last Friday. It seriously was a great event and I’m happy I was able to attend with local bloggers Angela and Kristianne. If you follow me on the Twitter, then you saw a sneak peek of what I wore to the soiree. But for those who don’t follow along via Twitter or Instagram here it is, quite possibly my all time favorite ensemble! It has all the elements I look for in an outfit: feminine flair with a touch of edge. Add a couple trendy elements (florals, neon, and peplum) and you’ve got yourself a FabAve special! Not to be confused with red light special my friends, I’m pretty sure my younger sister reads this blog so let’s keep things PG.

*Editors Note: upon writing this post I Googled ‘Red Light Special’. DON’T DO IT! It’s disgusting and not appropriate for young, impressionable minds. Please and thank you!

Get the Look: Top/MissGuided, Jeans/ASOS [exact: similar], Shoes/LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s [similar], Clutch, Clutch/Send the Trend, Bracelet/ Christina M Boutique, Watch/Fossil, Earrings/DC Street Vendor

Looking for Inspiration

Happy Monday my loves! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Mine was actually more jam packed that I had originally anticipated but in a good way. After I spent last week sick, again, I was ready to kick my sickness to the curb! Gym, yoga, a full round of golf? Very jam packed and active indeed, just the way I like it;)

But enough about my trivial accomplishments, on to the ensemble! I wore this outfit Saturday night to a BBQ. It was easy, mildly edgy and I’m diggin’ the color combo for a warm summer night. I’m actually surprised that I even styled an outfit that I could be proud of after not feeling inspired with what I’ve got hanging in my closet. Lately I’ve been really uninspired with my wardrobe, which has led me to consider doing a 30 for 30 remix challenge round these parts. You know, to spice things up! The only thing stopping me is a future vacay that could drag the challenge beyond 30 days but I’m still thinking about it. Anyone out there needing a jolt of inspiration and willing to take on the challenge with me? Do connect with me if you’re interested!

To see how my first 30 for 30 remix challenge when, click here.

Get the Look: Shorts/LC Lauren Conrad via Kohl’s [similar], Top/TJ Maxx [similar], Flatforms/Blowfish Shoes, Bangles/InPink (c/o), Necklace/Esty, Sunnies/TJ Maxx

Yellow Leopard

I wore this ensemble on Thursday, fully aware that it was more relaxed than usually appropriate for work but I kind of didn’t care. After writing this post work has been rather difficult to face. I’m mentally drained y’all. However that doesn’t mean my style has to suffer;) After pinning this ensemble I became fixated with the thought of pairing yellow and leopard together. A simple concept but it blew my mind. While I might not have paired the leopard with the brightest of yellows I do love how my outfit turned out. It’s a fun take on an old favorite. Apparently leopard and yellow isn’t as mind blowing as I had originally thought. 

PS- This past weekend I had a photo session with Brenda of Brenda Eden Photography for a secret project I’m working on. Here are some shots!

Get the Look: Dress/LC Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s, Jacket/Thrifted [similar], Scarf/ (c/o), Sandals/Target [similar here and here], Vintage Bauble/JennieClaire (c/o), Bracelets/DYI and Old Navy

A Little Color, A Lot of Block

Although the fashion gods would like us to believe that color blocking is a new trend that made its debut sometime last year, we all know that it’s been around for ages. Sorry kids, nothing new here. The only difference is that now designers are doing the guesswork for us, as they are pairing complementary colors and designing dresses, shirts, shoes and everything under the sun for our purchasing pleasure. However if you don’t have the cash to shell out on the trend, here’s an easy formula that you can apply to your own wardrobe. It’s about the simple, solid pieces we all already own. And trust me, you don’t need flashy colors to get in on the trend. As long as you’re coupling solid colored items, you’re good to go! Exhibit A: today’s ensemble. I tend to have my best color blocking outfits when I’m styling girly hues (seen here and here) but a more neutral pairing would do the trick.


To see more colorblock outfits in action, click here and here!

Get the Look: Skirt/Forever21 [similar here, here], Top/TJ Maxx [similar], Jacket/Thrifted [similar], Shoes/LC Lauren Conrad via Kohls, Vintage Necklace/ JennieClair (c/o), Bracelet/Derng, Watch/Fossil

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