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Birk Shaming

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Birkenstocks are back, y’all. They’re back?!?! The horror, THE HORROR! At least that’s the tune I was singing just a couple months ago…

Since Birks started popping up everywhere, I had been doing some major Birk shaming. I didn’t like them in the 90s and I was sure as hell not going to budge a decade later, but something about the hippy loving shoe got to me this time around. As ugly as they are (let’s be honest), they are pretty sensible footwear, especially for moms. The comfort factor alone turned me around on this trend, and y’all know how I feel about comfortable shoes. It trumps all. I picked up my look-alike pair from Zulilly of all places, because as comfortable as they are, I wasn’t willing to pay full price for these puppies. And I have to say, I kinda dig ‘em.

While my stance on Birkenstocks might have faltered, I stand firm about Crocs. Just say NO.

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Get the Look:

Top – Target [super cute similar under $20!] | Denim – Old Navy [similar: similar] | Birkenstock – Zulilly [similar under $30] | Crossbody - Old Navy

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The Adult Onesie

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Rompers - they are the bomb diggity right now y’all. I may not have nearly the extensive collection as Holly but this floral + crochet option might be enough to satisfy my need for the adult onesie. Yep, this little number is not the dress it seems to be, there are leg whole underneath all that volume. I picked this beauty up on a whim and I’m happy she came home with me. I’ve already dreamed up countless ways to wear her, just you wait my friends. Just you wait!

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Get the Look:

Romper - Target [see more options below!] | Clogs - Old Navy | Necklace [Initial - Eve’s Addiction (c/o)]

Shop Rompers:


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Hint of Whimsy

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What do you wear when you’ve got nothing to wear? Dig deep in your closet for something, anything that needs a little love. The last time I wore this lovely tunic I was 33 weeks pregnant. That seems like a lifetime ago friends! I’d forgotten about this dip died beauty because I was resolved that it was limited to my maternity wardrobe but since when did I have limitations to my style? NEVER! 

Since it’s now too long to be considered a legitimate tunic but an inch or so too short to be thought of as a dress, I thought I would build upon the ombre look and add more depth with the edition to an organza-esqu skirt underneath. The finishing product is one that I will be sure to recreate because my lovelies, I absolutely adore this look! It’s so effortless with a hint of whimsy, don’t you think? 

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Get the Look:

Tunic – Charming Charlie’s [cute similar under $30!] | Skirt – Old Navy [very similar] | Boots – Local Boutique [similar] | Necklace – BaubleBar [similar] | Sunnies – Old Navy 


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Mrs. Mixalot

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Well I hope everyone enjoyed their 3-day weekend! This girl right here sure did and I’m so sad to see it end but this next weekend is going to be epic as we will be celebrating Remy’s first birthday! I’ve got quite the week ahead of me, lots of cleaning, last minute planning and organizing still needs to get done. But let’s discuss the outfit, shall we?

I wore this little number for dinner with the family on Saturday. I wanted something easy but with a little spunk and if print mixing doesn’t do the trick, I don’t know what does y’all. I kept the colors in the same wheelhouse, as not to garner too many stares from restaurant goers not equipped with the knowledge of what is print mixing. I still got some stares but at least I thought I looked cute, right?

Happy Monday friends!

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Get the Look:

Tanks - Old Navy | Shorts - Forever21 [very similar under $30!] | Booties - DSW [similar] | Necklace - Charming Charlie’s (?)


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