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All White Everything

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A crisp white outfit is an iconic summer uniform. While I didn’t get to sport the seasonal staple earlier this summer I decided to give the look a whirl while on vacation. First off, let me say that that might have been a dangerous decision given the fact that I only allotted myself eight pieces to pack for the trip (read more about it here) so if these got dirty I was s*** out of luck. But their first go around made it through without any incident, which is a major win because I’m prone to accidents. Just ask Remy;)

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Get the Look: 

Peplum - BooHoo [similar] | Skinnies - Target [similar] | Hat - H&M [similar] | Sneakers - Converse [exact] | Necklace - HoH1960 [exact] | Tote - Madewell [super cute affordable similar!]


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The City by the Bay

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Happy Monday, my loves! I’m officially back from vacation and feeling very rejuvenated, recharged and inspired! San Francisco was such a great time and I can’t wait to recap it all for y’all but that’s going to take some major time and this gal’s gotta get the house packed up for our Labor Day weekend move. Yep that’s right, T-12 days till the big move back across the country. But enough about the epic move of 2014, let’s get to talking about this outfit!

This, my friends, is the first outfit from my SF trip. When people say the City by the Bay is chilly during the summer months, they aren’t joking! I did my homework and checked the weather forecast for our time further west so I was prepared for the fog, the chill and the refreshing breeze. I’d been experiencing 105+ degree weather for quite some time hence my complete and utter excitement for anything other than the dry desert heat. 

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These pictures were taken right off the iconic Lombard Street. It was so beautiful and insane how steep the street ran! A definite must see, for sure! I’m excited that almost all my outfit pictures from the trip were taken at infamous San Fran spots! But don’t worry, I’m also putting together a little city guide;) Thanks for stopping by!

Get the Look:

Romper - Target [similar] | Tank - Old Navy | Jacket - SheInside [cute similar in brown under $50!] | Scarf - Target [similar] | Booties - DSW [similar]


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Adult Fun

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This past weekend the fella and I enjoyed a much needed day date. Since Grandma is in town for the summer, she was kind enough to babysit Remy while Kevin and I met up with friends (who also have a little one and don’t get out much either) and attended the Great Indoor Beer & Wine Festival. Adult fun at its best, my friends! We had such a great time taste testing all the craft beers and wines and it felt so nice to partake in adult conversation without the interruption of a cute little ‘hi’. Although I did miss that little voice. We proceeded to enjoy a drunken dinner at Denny (so much fried food), followed by hittin’ the movies to catch a showing of Sex Tape. So funny! 

How did you enjoy your weekend?

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 photo IMG_7111_zpsb8197c9f.jpg

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Get the Look:

Skirt - Target [alternative] | Crop Top - HM [similar] | Bag - Rebecca Minkoff [in tan] | Fedora - Target [similar] | Sandals - Target [super cute similar


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The College Graduate

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So if you follow FabAve on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter (cause you totally should!) then you’ve heard the new – the family and I are moving back East in the Fall! I’ve got a hodgepodge of emotions running through my head, from excitement to anxiety and everything in between which has me a little floored. I thought I would feel a sense of definite exhilaration or stand firm that I didn’t want to move back, but I’m neither. There’s good and bad to the move, and right now I think I’m focusing too much on the bad when there are so many good things to come of moving back to the place I know and love. I guess the best possible example I can give to the way I’m feeling is when a college graduate moves back home with their parents after spending four years away living their life independently. Its familiar to be back home but it also strips you away of the liberating life you’ve been living. October would have been the four year mark in Arizona, so I guess I graduated early, huh?

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 photo IMG_7098_zpsc3cdb950.jpg

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 photo IMG_7093_zps01c94cda.jpg

Get the Look:

Dress – HM [very similar!] | Vest – HM [similar] | Sandals – Target [love these and these!] | Tassel Necklace – BaubleBar [similar] | Fedora – Target [similar


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