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Wardrobe Remix Vol.11

Just in time for fall, it was only natural that I dedicate the eleventh edition of the Wardrobe Remix to my favorite navy blazer! This baby has seen me through some great Arizona Fall days and will be an exceptionally great commodity for the east coast fall I’m about to experience. I can’t wait to style this little darling up for the cool, crisp days ahead! 

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My H&M navy blazer has been styled monochomatically, with a 22 week bump (!), with jewel toned skinnies, a graphic tee, with chambray and stripes, and lastly with distressed denim shorts!

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On the Docks

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Right around the corner of Fisherman’s Wharf, the fam and decided to walk the docks and enjoy the view. From our little local we could hear the sounds of the sea lions from one direction and the hustle and bustle of tourists entering and exiting the small shops along the dock from the other. From afar we could catch a pretty good view of Alcatraz and could smell a hint of clam chowder in the air. Remy was having a grand old time pushing her stroller and running after the pigeons so the fella and I took advantage and snaped some outfit pics. I gotta say, I’m a sucker for a good back drop;)

 photo IMG_7469_zps8cff8b85.jpg

 photo IMG_7476_zpsbe07b023.jpg

 photo IMG_7475-horz_zps7cad0b1f.jpg

 photo IMG_7478_zps806672ae.jpg

 photo IMG_7471_zps0825e041.jpg

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H&M Blazer [similar] | BooHoo Peplum [similar] | Old Navy Distressed Shorts [similar] | Target Scarf [similar] | Converse Sneakers 


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In Memory

photo IMG_7378_zpsf7d6ad63.jpg

Nothing like a t-shirt dress, a little chambray, the perfect navy blazer and classic chucks to get you through day full day of sigh seeing. While many of the items I packed were great contenders for the MVP award, I’d have to say my trusty chambray won hands down. Seriously, it was incorporated into almost all of my SF looks! Chambray everyday for the win;)

On this particular day on our trip to San Francisco we did a ton of sight seeing. One of the stops in our adventures for the day was the Ms. Doubtfire house. Both the boy and I absolutely love the movie so it was a no brainer to stop and snap some pics. Tragically the next day news broke out that the comedic genius behind the movie and many more, Robin Williams, had passed. It’s so sad to know that someone you grew up watching and admiring is no longer here. I’m happy I was able to capture a tiny bit of my childhood and will keep the memory of the visit on those steps with me.

photo IMG_7377_zpsfeb691c0.jpg

photo IMG_7380_zps43ca7f4e.jpg

photo IMG_7379_zpsea86ebe1.jpg

photo IMG_7375_zpsf4980c9e.jpg

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T-Shirt Dress - Old Navy [similar] | Chambray - Old Navy [similar] | Blazer - H&M [similar] | Sneakers - Converse [exact] | Necklace - Eve’s Addiction (c/o)

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Sheldon Cooper Meets Blair Waldorf

photo IMG_5872_zps31006e08.jpg

As I was getting dressed on this particular Thursday morning, I stopped and took a second to review my ensemble in the mirror. The boy spotted this tee in the boys department at Target and snatched it up for me because he knew it would become a favorite. It has all the factors of a tee I’m currently searching for: (1) it has the ideal worn-in look that I seek in all my gray tees; and (2) it’s an ode to one of our favorite shows, The Big Bang Theory. Sheldon Cooper would be really proud. But then I decided to switch things up a bit and pull in some elements of Queen B herself, Blair Waldorf. The preppy navy school boy blazer was an iconic staple in Blair’s wardrobe through the Gossip Girl series and I couldn’t resist the addition of the equestrian inspired boots. 

I’m not crazy, my mother had me tested.

photo IMG_5879_zps264406af.jpg

photo IMG_5878_zpsf2a8c8f3.jpg

photo IMG_5881_zpsb8d7cabb.jpg

 photo IMG_5875_zps1dc093c5.jpg

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Tee/Target [exact] | Skirt/Delia’s | Blazer/H&M [super cute similar] | Boots/Simply Vera via Kohl’s [similar


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