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Golden Gate

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So it’s rather obvious where these photos were taken, the Golden Gate Bridge! This was by far not only one of my favorite spots that we got to visit during our time in San Francisco but it was also one of my favorite days as a tourist. My MIL had offered to stay with Remy so the boy and I took full advantage and crossed many tourists’ spots off our list. It was a mighty fine day, my friends. Mighty fine.

For the day sans baby, I went with white denim, some major layering action with the addition of the my trusty chambray and a little faux leather, and I topped off the look with an urban twist – booties, cross-body bag, a fedora and some mirrored sunnies. I totally felt cooler than I looked, that’s for damn sure;)

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Get the Look:

Target White Denim [similar] | Old Navy Sweater Tank | Old Navy Chambray [similar] | SheInside Faux Leather Jacket [similar] | DSW Booties [love these] | ModCloth Cross-body [similar] | H&M Fedora [love this one for fall!] | F21 Mirrored Sunnies | HoH1960 Necklace 

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In Memory

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Nothing like a t-shirt dress, a little chambray, the perfect navy blazer and classic chucks to get you through day full day of sigh seeing. While many of the items I packed were great contenders for the MVP award, I’d have to say my trusty chambray won hands down. Seriously, it was incorporated into almost all of my SF looks! Chambray everyday for the win;)

On this particular day on our trip to San Francisco we did a ton of sight seeing. One of the stops in our adventures for the day was the Ms. Doubtfire house. Both the boy and I absolutely love the movie so it was a no brainer to stop and snap some pics. Tragically the next day news broke out that the comedic genius behind the movie and many more, Robin Williams, had passed. It’s so sad to know that someone you grew up watching and admiring is no longer here. I’m happy I was able to capture a tiny bit of my childhood and will keep the memory of the visit on those steps with me.

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Get the Look:

T-Shirt Dress - Old Navy [similar] | Chambray - Old Navy [similar] | Blazer - H&M [similar] | Sneakers - Converse [exact] | Necklace - Eve’s Addiction (c/o)

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I love dresses, LOVE them! They’re sugar and spice and everything nice! However I always feel limited when it comes to the remixing possibilities that a dress has to offer. You see, I’m more of a separates girl. I can make separates work and can get plenty of mileage from a pair of jeans or a cute top. But when it comes to dress, the lone, singular entity that they are, I tend to over style by layering way too many extras when I can just let it speak for itself. Well this dress, she’s got a lot to say, my friends! She sassy and jazzy yet will offer you a cup of sugar if you’ve run out. I scored this stitched beauty at my local thrift store and while she was purchase after my shopping ban went into effect my wallet doesn’t quite mind cause this little lady was $4 and that’s $4 I don’t mind parting with!

 photo IMG_6817_zpsf7bdff7f.jpg

 photo IMG_6826_zps50e3a7dc.jpg

 photo IMG_6827_zpsa289dcdf.jpg

 photo IMG_6815_zps956b619d.jpg

Get the Look:

Dress – Thrifted [shop cute options below!] | Sandals - Old Navy [exact] | Necklace - HOH1960 [exact] | Sunnies - Target

Shop Chambray Dresses



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Hot Hot Hot

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This was far too much clothes to be wearing in a 100+ degree weather, my friends. And to think its only going to get hotter. This will officially be the last layered look you’ll see on the blog until Fall, cause I was melting. MELTING?! Moving forward jeans will be paired with tanks only, and if I’m not wearing a top in the sleeveless variety, then a skirt or shorts it is.

In the wise words of Nelly, “Its getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes.” Happy Monday!

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Get the Look:

Denim - Target [similar] | Chambray - Old Navy [similar] | Floral Tee - Dorothy Perkins [similar] | Tote - Madewell [exact] | Mirrored Sunnies - F21 [similar] | Lips - Revlon ‘Striking


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