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Another Day…

…another guest post. It’s not that I don’t love you, I just really enjoy getting to spread my point of view across the blogosphere and it introduces you to an awesome blog!! Today I’m thrilled to be guest posting for sweet mama Blair over at Wild and Precious. So go do me and Blair a favor and head over to her blog and hear me ramble about two of summer’s dynamic duo: mint and fuchsia. 


I wore this ensemble yesterday for brunch with the fella. It was the first time in days that I had taken time to actually dress myself and style a cohesive outfit. The days prior I’d been home, desperately staying awake and caring for our new puppy, Phoebe. She’s a cryer and doesn’t like the kennel, so I slept a total of 6 hours this weekend. Let’s just say it was a very long couple of days.

Anyhoo, these skinnies are actually pink but the color seems to not have translated in these photos. Boo!

Get the Look: Skinnies/Victoria’s Secret [similar], Blouse/H&M [high:low], Heels/Shoe Dazzle, Bangles/InPink (c/o), Bauble/LYLIF, Bag/Send the Trend

Don’t Call It A Comeback!

Happy Monday my dear friends! If you’re new to FabAve, WELCOME! Take time to look around, get comfortable and don’t hesitate to reach out via Twitter and/or email. Sweet comments, questions and tater tots are always accepted!

I’m so happy to be back to my regularly scheduled blogging program. The new post format was not my favorite, which was keeping me from posting but I think I found a loop hole! However, I promise not to let it get in the way and will continue to bring you obnoxious photos of yours truly. Anyhoo, if you haven’t noticed already, I apparently like to pair this cardigan up with bold, look at me colors (seen here and here). Can’t wait to pair it with simple black skinnies!

Well that’s enough of me rambling on for today. Don’t forget to enter the Shabby Apple giveaway for a chance to win an uber cute skirt perfect for spring! Hurry, I’ll be announcing a winner tomorrow morning.

Get the Look: Colored Jeggings/Ross [similar], Cardigan/Target [similar], Necklace/Send the Trend, Flats/Kohl’s [similar]

[Denim Revival] Red Dead Redemption

When: December 20, 2011

I have been a little weary to take the plunge into the bright, colorful denim trend. As stated before the Denim Revival challenge was put into place, my jeans and I were not willing to compromise. I wasn’t willing to slim down and they weren’t willing to loosen upon my hips. And bright denim only screams, “Look at me!” (Specifically, look at my hips and thighs) But I took the plunge anyways. Because what is this style journey I’m on, if not a roller coaster of both good and bad style decisions. Am I right? And what better way to wear red denim to the office than to style it up in a well-tailored look.


For all you gamers out there, the titles’ dedicated to you. My husband would be so proud.

Wearing [Jeggings] American Eagle, [Chambray] Old Navy, [Blazer] Burlington Coat Factory, [Flats] Old Navy, [Necklace] Target, [Bracelets] DYI + Old Navy, [Watch] Fossil

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Hola & Welcome!

A life and style blog brought to you by your resident average Jo from right outside the suburbs of our Nations Capital.

Lets embrace all that is fabulous in our everyday, average lives, shall we?

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