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[Guest Post] Kristen of The Mrs. & the Momma

Today the spunky and stylish voice behind the blog The Mrs. & the Momma Kristen, will sharing some great lessons/tips she’s discovered so far along her journey as a mother of FOUR! Yes, you read that correctly, four kids. But they’re super cute so I guess that’s okay!


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Motherhood is hands down the hardest job.  Period.

Over the course of having four children, I’ve learned so much…different things with each child.  I thought I’d share with you Fabulously Average readers some of the lessons/tips I’ve discovered so far along my momma journey:

1.  During those first few days of mommyhood, take it all in.  Write down your thoughts.  Smell your baby’s head incessantly.  Let everything that “needs” to be done wait.  Take time with your husband to just stare at your new bundle of joy and delight in those precious, life-changing moments.

2.  Those first few months are tough.  I love my children, but truthfully, I do not love the newborn stage (outside of that first week, of course).  If you’re like me, just keep in mind that it won’t last forever…and before you know it, your sweet baby will be sleeping six hours straight and nursing like a pro.

3.  Take any and all advice with a grain of salt, as well as use your own momma intuition to determine what’s right for you and your baby.  This applies to nursing, sleep-training, medical advice, discipline, etc.  If it doesn’t feel quite right or comfortable for you…it’s probably not.

4.  There’s a good chance your child will not be “just like you.”  One of my daughters and I have very different personalities, which challenges me on a daily basis.  It takes a lot of patience to understand that even though they came from you, they can be the exact opposite of you.

5.  Babies put immense stress on a marriage…especially that first one…but getting through all the parental challenges and triumphs together can strengthen a marriage like no other.  As a mother, I cannot imagine going through this crazy thing called parenthood without an amazing guy my children call “Daddy”.

I’m so excited for Joanne to be a momma! She’s gonna be a great one!

-Kristen The Mrs. & The Momma


A special thank you to Miss Kristen for guest posting today! These are definitely tips that I will have to keep in mind, especially #2!


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[Guest Post] Kelsey of Words of Williams’s

I am extremely honored that one of my favorite bloggers, Kelsey of Words of Williams is guest posting today here on FabAve!  Now this is a girl that has impeccable style, an adorable toddler named Rooney with the chubbiest little legs ever, and is someone I would LOVE to meet one day IRL. Fingers crossed!


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I recognized her right away. There she was on the sidewalk, ever so slowly putting one foot in front of the other. Her husband was one step behind her, carrying her water mug. That water mug is sort of a badge of honor in our city. They are given to all the patients in the maternity ward after labor and delivery. But the water mug wasn’t my first clue that these were new parents. She was clearly in pain. He looked like he was in shock. In to Walgreens they went, probably looking for stool softeners and Tucks pads and some sort of normalcy.

The whole scene hit me pretty hard because that was me 16 months ago.

Joanne, motherhood messed me up pretty bad. In a way I hope you avoid that but in another way I hope it messes with you, too. Not because I wish havoc on you but because that havoc created for me new goggles through which I now see the world. As you get to know your new little girl, I want to tell you a few things I’ve learned lately…

  • If you can, find beauty in every day. Smile if you can, but if not, it’s perfectly OK to cry. A lot. If you have the energy, be present in the moment. Look down at your little baby and be amazed that you made that. Study her ears, her eyelashes, her cheeks, her birthmark, her fingernails, her belly button and her little feet. (Oh, those perfect little baby feet. Those got me through a lot of hard days.) And if you don’t have the energy, don’t sweat it. Babies are forgiving. Sometimes The Price Is Right is more interesting than your newborn. One day you will wake up and your baby is now 2 months old and you wish you could get some of those hours back. But you did what you had to in those moments to get through the day. Because sometimes you have to get away from it all to really appreciate it.
  • These may be the best years of your life, but it probably won’t feel like it at first. You may wonder why you ever wanted kids in the first place. You might think to yourself that if you would have known what it would really be like that you maybe wouldn’t have done it. I remember trying to fall asleep the night she was born and thinking, Eric and I had such a good thing going, why did we ruin it?! But now, we love our little family so much.
  • Things will never be “normal” again. For a while after Rooney was born I was waiting for life to get back to “normal.” And then one day it hit me – that is not the point, Kelsey. I can never go back to my pre-baby normal. I don’t really want to, either. We were happy with our lives before, but we wanted to add to our family. Our life will never be the same, ever.

Congrats again, Joanne! We are so excited to “meet” your sweet baby!


Pretty riveting stuff, right?!!? Thank you Kelsey for guest blogging today and for sharing with us not just the good but the hard parts of becoming a first time mom.


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[Guest Post] Brittany of Brittany’s Notebook

I’m am so excited to have guest posting for FabAve today real life friend, blogger, photographer, and momma of two Brittany of Brittany’s Notebook! Today she will be sharing some things that she wishes would have been imparted to here when she first became a mom. And without further adieu Brittany!


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I am so excited for Joanne and her new baby and flattered she asked me to guess post! I thought I would share a few things I wish somebody would have shared with me when I first became a mother myself.

Becoming a new mom is such an exciting experience, and even after having two of my own, there are so many things I am beginning to understand and realize. Women have the ability to create these amazing, perfect little bodies and then go on to shape and mold them into whatever it is we hope they might become. As a mom, you are the one who has that sweet, intimate influence on your precious child that no other person has. Cherish that. Especially those first few days or even weeks. Daily responsibilities might come knocking, but spend as much time as possible getting to know your new babe. Take pictures; write memories, SNUGGLE! Sure, the toilet might need a little bit of scrubbing, but it can wait because this is such a once in a lifetime experience!

It is no secret that raising children is a difficult task. The most rewarding things in life are always the ones that require the most work. This is so true for family relationships! so if you find yourself thinking, “Wow, this is kind of difficult”  then know that you are completely normal, and you are doing just fine!!! I have found it important to always focus on the good, because it is so easy to feel like we will never measure up to that “super-mom” next door. No mother is perfect. Each has her own set of strengths and weaknesses, so use your strengths to your advantage and don’t sweat about your weaknesses. It’s part of being human!

Yes, your babe is number one, but I believe so strongly to fully be able to care for another, you must care for yourself as well. Simplicity is truly the highest form of sophistication, so don’t overwhelm yourself with meaningless tasks. It is also important to have a little personal time. Whether it is reading a good book or working out at the gym. It will clear your mind and help you feel more capable! So don’t feel guilty if you have the need to splurge on an occasional pedicure.

Also, your marriage is still #1. As husband and wife, decide together how you wish for your child to be raised. It is hard when you come from different backgrounds, but take the best of both worlds and toss the rest. Weekend date nights are  a MUST! I sometimes miss those days of always having alone time together, but when we have a babysitter and something planned for the weekend it brings so much more excitement into our relationship. We get to have an amazing evening with each other, but by the time when return home we are so excited to be with our children. (It is also a great excuse to get all dolled up) Continue nurturing your relationship and creating memories with your spouse! I am a strong believer in yearly honeymoons as well. Let this new partnership as parents strengthen your marriage!

Last but not least, never underestimate your power or influence as a mother. It is the most important job in the world. Careers, fancy homes, travel are all great things, but they only last for a moment. Your love and influence as a mom will go on into generations.

Congrats again to Joanne! She is such a sweetheart, and I already know she will be such an amazing mom!!!


This is such a sweet post from Brittany and great advice for someone like me, who seems to get overwhelmed quite easily. Thanks Brittany, I’ll be using this post as guidance;)


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[Guest Post] Marion of Marionberry Style

As mentioned here I have invited some of my favorite bloggers, that just so happen to be mommy’s too, to guest post for the next couple of days. First up is the stylish maven behind the style blog Marionberry Style, Marion! Today she will be sharing the 5 Things A New Mom Learns in the First 2 Weeks. Um, could this be any perfect for me right now? Me thinks not! Take is away Marion!


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1) Almost all the advice you were given is pretty much useless: 
Sure, your mommy friends and your sweet grandma (bless her heart) are all well-intentioned.  And some of them have some good ideas to share with you!  But you quickly find out that your doctor disagrees with you mom who disagrees with your best friend who doesn’t even begin to agree with that baby book! 

2) Your body doesn’t need as much sleep as you thought:
It’s amazing how alert and energetic you feel on such little sleep. 

3) You can’t do it all:
It took me two weeks before I caved and hired a housecleaner.  I was trying to clean during Cooper’s naps, but I was never able to do any deep-cleaning which totally stressed me out.  (side note: a housecleaning session or two is a fantastic gift to new parents!)

4) It’s okay to let other help:
If friends offer to bring over dinner, let them.  If your husband offers to fold the laundry, let him.  This was something I struggled with early on as I hate inconveniencing anyone, but people want to help you out and I found that once I let go of my hesitation, I was fully able to appreciate it.

5) You’re more capable than you ever thought you were:
I didn’t know what the heck I was doing when we brought Cooper home from the hospital!  But just as he was learning to adapt to his new world, so were we.  And now 5 months later…Cooper and I can look at each other and share a smile knowing that we made it through just fine.

Thanks so much for having me Joanne!  I can’t wait to see your new little one…
xo - Marion


Thanks Marion for great advice! I think these points are definitely things that every new mom needs to here. Am I right?


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