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16 Ways to Wear Converse Sneakers

If you’ve been a long time reader of Fabulously Average then you are well aware that I’m a Converse girl all the way! I’ve always been one to favor the value of a sneaker versus pumps. I wore them way before they became popular on the Internets and well before even hitting puberty. In my adolescent tall girl mind, Converse sneakers were perfect because they didn’t add any additional height;) Excellent logic, I know, but when you’re the tallest girl in your class you avoid heels at all costs. Between my love for the ultimate sneaker, frilly dresses, and sports, Converse essentially helped mold girl meets boy style. 

Today I’ve rounded up some ways I’ve worn Converse on the blog. I’m sure I have a bevy of other posts where I’ve styled my cool kicks but these 16 looks first came to mind. From incorporating the sneakers into my maternity style, to dressing them up with skirts and dress, here are 16 ways to wear Converse sneakers! 

 photo converse_zps297e8371.jpg

 photo dressconverse_zpsbe4c1e26.jpg

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How to Style: Gap Shift Dress

So I did what I said I wouldn’t do, I bought the Gap sleeveless shift dress that I’d been coveting. I know, I’ve got no self control but I do have the perfect shift dress headed my way in 3-5 business days! In this installment of How to Style I thought I would share with you 3 ways to incorporate the Gap dress in your Fall wardrobe. Enjoy!

                                         dress, headband, jacket, gloves, botties

                                                dress, specs, bag, boots, shirt

                                                   dress, necklace, shawl, clutch, heels

How to Style: Colored Blazer

I’ve become obsessed with these How to Style posts - they help you, they help me and they’re a lot of fun to think up! Today’s is brought to you by my most recent Target purchase, the Ponte Blazer (in cherry)! Check out three ways I styled up the blazer and don’t hesitate to replicate these looks for yourself. Happy Monday my friends!

                                           blazer, tee, jeans, necklace, boots

                                                     blazer, dress, bag, shoes

blazer, sweater, skinnies, glasses, bag, flats

How to Style: Pumped Up Kicks

There are a handful of trends that don’t necessarily make it big in the fashion world. While some gain a small following of supporters willing to sport the trend without judgment, many shun the looks and ban them from their closets. However bloggers like The Man Repeller embrace these band of misfit trends and showcases the looks in a way that make them seem somewhat cool. Example: high top wedge sneakers.

When I first saw the chunky show I didn’t quite get it. Sure, the fashion industry was attempting to elevate the sporty chic look to a whole nother level but with wedge sneakers? However, while I was perplexed by the trend I was also intrigued. Intrigued enough to try on a pair and fall madly in love with the blob of a shoe. Enough so that I bought myself a pair and have been wearing them nonstop ever since. Here are 3 ways I’m planning on styling my new wardrobe go-to.

What do you think of the trend? Yay or nay?

pants, tee, jacket, bag, shoe

skirt, peplum, cardigan, bag, scarf, sneakers, necklace

dress, bag, sneakers

 photo IMG_4925-a-vert_zps38abcc32.jpg

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