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Orange You Glad

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Sometimes all it takes for a great day is a smile, a good hair day, and a kickass pair of thrifted Nine West wedges. Happy Friday, my lovelies! Orange you glad it’s Friday? I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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Get the Look: Dress/Old Navy, Denim Jacket/Thrifted [similar], Wedges/Nine West – Thrfited [pricey similar], Necklace/Peacock Plume

Ladies Night

This is what I wore on Saturday night for a night of dancing. Sheer, metallic, peplum? It had me at hello! Happy Monday everyone!! Here’s to a good week:)

Get the Look: Top/Questhaven, Shorts/IDK [similar], Flatforms/Nine West [similar] Necklace/Christina M. Boutique, Bracelets/Derng [similar] + BCBGeneration [in silver]


Snake skin. Python. Whatever you want to call it, I’m on board! I’ve become a tad bit obsessed with the print and instantly fell in love with this top when I was browsing the Victoria Secret site about a month back. Yep, that’s how long I’ve had this top and hadn’t debuted it on le blog!? I’ve already worn it with black skinnies and some Chuck Taylors but opted for a more polished look this time around. However I’m not totally diggin’ it. I kind of wish I would have pulled off a more relaxed look but I guess this will do for a day at the office.

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Get the Look: Button-Up/Victoria Secret, Skinnies/Anthro [similar], Wedges/Nine West via DSW [similar], Bracelet/Dergn, Watch/Fossil, Bag/Michael Kors via TJ Maxx

ABC’s of Me!

I wish I had a witty anecdote to share with y’all today or something profound and fashion worthy to say about this outfit, but I’ve got nothin’. I wore it to work yesterday. Yep, that’s it. But since I’ve spaced out, enjoy the ABC’s of me! Happy Tuesday my friends!

  • Age: 27 and 9 days!
  • Bed size: Queen looking to upgrade to a King
  • Chores that you hate: Vacuuming
  • Dogs: 2 Pit-bull mutts named Chandler and Phoebe
  • Essential start to your day:  Hitting snooze!
  • Favorite color: Red
  • Gold or Silver:  As of now, gold
  • Height: 5 ft.8 in.
  • Instruments you play: Violin, cello, recorder and drums (all not very well!)
  • Job title: Underemployed
  • Kids: Like I said, Chandler and Phoebe;)
  • Live: Gilbert, Arizona.
  • Mother’s Name: Juana or Joanna in English
  • Nicknames: Jo, JoJo, Lucy
  • Overnight hospital stays: Not that I remember
  • Pet peeves:  Fake people, slow drivers in the left lane and people that think they’re whispering when they’re not
  • Quote from a movie or tv show:  “Come, come with the kick drum!”
  • Righty or Lefty:  Righty writer, lefty lacrosse player
  • Siblings: Older brother, younger sister…I’m 10 years apart from my siblings
  • Time you wake up: 5:30am…no fun
  • Underwear: What am I, a nudist?
  • Vegetable you hate:  Peas
  • What makes you run late: Having to go to work
  • X-Rays You’ve Had:  Ankle (broken), nose (broken), back (curved)
  • Yummy food you make:  Mac and cheese 
  • Zoo Animal:  Giraffe, duh!

Get the Look: Top/Buffalo Exchange [similar], Skirt/Consignment [similar], Flatforms/Nine West [similar]

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Hola & Welcome!

A life and style blog brought to you by your resident average Jo from right outside the suburbs of our Nations Capital.

Lets embrace all that is fabulous in our everyday, average lives, shall we?

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Ask me anything

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