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Deal or No Deal

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If you read last weeks style post then you are well aware of the awesome challenge Savers presented me with. They challenged me to put together a fall inspired look with $60 that they graciously provided. The mission was obviously accepted and you might have seen that I kind of knocked it outta the park, IMHO;) 

Because I had some extra cash to spend after calculating the price of the first look I decided to challenge myself to score a second look with fall trends as the inspiration. Here is the resulting look – jewel toned suede mini, another worn-in graphic tee, flat booties with delicate cutouts and the most perfect vintage Polo Ralph Lauren plaid cross-body bag my little eyes ever did see. This challenge has taught me two thing: 1) I am seriously having a graphic tee moment for fall and 2) I’m a total sucker for a good deal!

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Get the Look:

Suede Mini c/o Savers [similar] | Pepsi Graphic tee c/o Savers | Booties c/o Savers [very similar here & here!] | Ralph Lauren Cross-body bag c/o Savers 


Thanks again to Savers for the challenge and for sponsoring this post! As always, all opinions are my own. I only work with companies/brands I truly support and love.


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The Last Hurrah

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During the packing and moving process I accidentally packed away this romper in a box that is now in storage. Total fail on my end, huh? Why I packed it away is beyond me. Wouldn’t this romper do well in the Fall with some sheer tights, booties and some major layers? Ah, I’m so upset with myself!?! Well at least for it’s last hurrah pairing it with my trusty chambray for our travel day back home from San Francisco was a no brainer. Comfort and style. BOOM! 

 photo IMG_7600_zps76550006.jpg

 photo IMG_7603_zpsadc09006.jpg

 photo IMG_7597_zps1701e873.jpg

Get the Look:

Romper - Target [cute similar] | Old Navy Chambray [similar] | H&M Fedora [similar] | Booties via DSW [similar] | Necklace c/o Eve’s Addiction | Watch c/o Timex


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Savers Look for Less Challenge

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Fall, it seems to be everyone’s favorite season. Especially bloggers. What’s not to love? The crisp, cool air, the seasonal festivities, and let’s not forget the Fall fashion! There’s just something about Fall fashion trends that make it better than all the rest. Leather, plaid, deep, rich jewel tones - it all just seems so luxurious. But when many think luxury they think big bucks and I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

A couple weeks back I got contacted by the generous folks over at Savers. You know Savers, ‘Good deeds. Great deals’. Well they challenged me to style up a Fall look with items found at one of their almost 350 locations with the stipulation to only use $60. Y’all know how I love a good thrift session and I had just published my tips on being thrifty while shopping secondhand, so I jumped at the chance to get in on the thrifted action! 

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While I browsed the store, moving from rack to rack of clothes, accessories, shoes, furniture and housewares I realized I was in for quite a challenge. It wasn’t that I wouldn’t have enough dough to pull off a chic and savvy look for under $60, my challenge was that I didn’t have a plan of attack. So I thought about Fall and all of my favorite seasonal trends and figured I’d pull an outfit together that captured all of autumns talked about fashions. Not only did I successfully pull off a super cute look appropriate for the season but I was able to put together TWO looks for under $45! (If you’ve got a Super Savers Club card and shop on Fridays it’s an additional percentage off your goods! #SaversfortheWin)

In my first look I incorporated many of my favorite fall trends – I’ve got your leather, your weathered graphic tee, a felt wide brim fedora, tall boots, and a simple, yet chic, cross-body bag. A winning combination of effortless/cool if you ask me;) Make sure to come back next week to see the second look I was able to score at Savers for $45!

Pro Tip – Never underestimate the selection of great pieces in the men’s department. I scored both the graphic tees and the fedora in the men’s section of the store!

photo IMG_7672-horz_zps22e834ad.jpg

photo IMG_7667_zps1b393c20.jpg

photo IMG_7671_zps712dc185.jpg

photo IMG_7663_zps79042130.jpg

Get the Look:

<palign=center>Leather Mini c/o Savers [similar options below] | Graphic Tee c/o Savers | Boots c/o Savers [similar here & here] | Leather Cross-body bag c/o Savers [Chloe inspired similar] | Fedora c/o Savers [similar & similar]

Shop leather skirts:



A huge thank you to Savers for the challenge and for sponsoring this post!


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Double Denim

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Remember when denim on denim was a party foul (thanks Brittney and Justin)? It’s funny to think that just a couple years ago the trend was a major fashion faux pas, but somewhere between mixing prints and colored denim coupling double denim became okay again. This past spring the duo hit an all-time high but I anticipate that the trend will continue to conquer the fashion world during the Fall, too. 

What do you think, is double denim still ‘in’? 

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photo IMG_7495_zps0d4eea6f.jpg

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Get the Look:

Old Navy Distressed Boyfriend Shorts [similar] | Old Navy Chambray [similar] | SheInside Faux Leather Jacket [similar under $50] | Booties via DSW [similar] | H&M Fedora [similar] | Madewell Tote [reversible similar!]


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